Church Directory Questionnaire

Help us update your St. Peter’s membership database information!  

Our Congregation Care Committee is leading this effort.  Some of the benefits will include a more frequent printed directory to better help members connect with one another.  This information will also help St. Peter’s staff better communicate with you regarding dates and events.  Please return fill out / return this form by August 31st.  Thank you.

There are 3 ways you can update your information:

  1.  CLICK HERE to update your information through an online form.

  2.  CLICK HERE to open and download a fillable PDF form.  Fill it out digitally on your computer and then email back to Marietta ( or print it out and turn into the office.  On Windows computer, the basic information fields are red.  These are required fields.

  3. There are hardcopies of the the PDF form in the church office to pick up, fill out, and return.


Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are you collecting all this data on me?

In many cases, we have incomplete information relating to our St. Peter’s family. There may not be accurate addresses, phones, emails, etc. for some of our members which make it difficult to stay in touch with everyone.

Will we get a new printed directory?

Yes!  We want all families to submit to Marietta a family photo of your own choosing.  You can simply email it to her ( or use the online form (#1 option) above.  These images will be used to print our own church directories on a more regular basis, say yearly.  Each new edition will include new member information and updated photos as you provide them.

Why do you want Baptism and Confirmation information?

The Church over the centuries acted as a repository of family information. In more modern times, this function has somewhat been ignored.  We also may find ways to celebrate marriage, baptism, and confirmation dates within our St. Peter’s family.  Churches are also one place that families call when doing genealogical research.

What if I don’t know my baptism or confirmation information?

We understand that some records may be hard to locate.  If you know where you were baptized or confirmed, this at least gives us a starting point of who to call to get the dates.  If you have not been baptized or confirmed, let us know this as well.  We believe baptism and confirmation (affirming our faith) are important milestones to growing in faith with others as the body of Christ.  Talk with one of the pastors about being baptized or forming an adult confirmation class.

What if I don’t use social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

That is okay!  We want to communicate with the congregation in the best way we can connect with you.  We will still be communicating with the newsletter and bulletin and email.  If you desire to get the newsletter in the mail, please notify Marietta (