Reformation 500

October 31, 2017 will mark the 500th anniversary of when Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of Wittenberg Church in Germany, beginning what we now refer to as the Reformation.

We at St. Peter’s, along with Lutherans and other Protestants worldwide, will not only celebrate this significant event, but use it as an opportunity to seek our own reformation.  The Reformation is not just something that happened in 1517 and revolutionized Christian theology, it continues today.

In 2017 we will emphasize our outreach within our congregation, our community, and our world.  What do we need to change in our church and within ourselves?  How can we be better disciples and followers of Jesus?

The Evangelism, Social Outreach, and Stewardship teams have worked with the pastors to create a special monthly emphasis for St. Peter’s in 2017.  Each month, we will highlight a ministry in our congregation or community with special speakers, collections, offerings, and service opportunities.

We hope you will join us as we reform ourselves, our church, and the world in 2017 and beyond. READ MORE reflections on our “local reformation” in the article written by our local Picayune newspaper.


January – The Marble Falls Helping Center

Theme: “Restock the Shelves”

Speaker: 1/15 @ 9:30am – Sam Pearce – MF Helping Center Executive Director – “Reforming how we fight hunger”

Goal: 500 food items for the Helping Center

REPORT: 1,012 food items collected for The Helping Center

February – Valentine’s for Elderly / Valentine Youth Fundraiser

Theme: “Have a Heart”

Speaker: 2/26 @ 9:30am – Stacey Troisi – SWT Synod Youth and Family Coordinator – “Reforming how we come at youth ministry”

Goal: 95 Valentine Cards for shut-in / nursing home residents + $7000 for youth summer camping trip travel costs.

REPORT: 200+ valentine cards made & $8067 raised for camp travel through the Valentine Dinner fundraiser.

March – Lent Offering for Young Adults in Ministry

Theme: “Going Global”

Speaker: 3/5 @ 9:30am – Hannah Watson – Served as a Young Adult in Global Mission (YAGM), a program of the ELCA that invites young adults 21-29 into a transformative year-long journey in international service.  The question is, “Reforming how we serve.”

Goal: $15,170 (the year 1517 + 0) for new St. Peter’s YM and ELCA youth mission through our Southwestern Texas Synod assembly offering for May 7th.

REPORT: $15,172 was collected for our lenten worship offering this year!

April – St. Peter’s School

Theme: “Loved Beyond Measure”

Speaker: 4/9 @ 9:30am – Tracy Knight – St. Peter’s School Director

Goal: $4551 (1517 x 3), the number of current classes.  A new class will be added in this next school year as our school is growing.

REPORT: $6200 was collected from our lenten meal this year!

May – VBS Offering

Theme: “Be a Community Hero”

Speaker: 5/7 @ 9:30am –  Cindy Struchen – St. Peter’s Youth and Family Coordinator.

Topic will be “A day in the life of VBS.”

Goal: $1517 for VBS expenses (for crafts, props, supplies, etc.)

REPORT: $3170 collected for VBS!

June – Open Door Recovery

Theme: “Making a House a Home”

Speaker: 6/4 @ 9:30am – Donna Meyme

Goal: 500 household items (item to be listed in June bulletin inserts / here)

REPORT: 358 household items collected!

July – Back to School Blast

Theme: “got socks?”

Speaker: TBA

Goal: 1517 pairs of socks (567 boy’s medium black/gray, 500 girl’s medium, 200 boy’s small, 150 women’s large, 100 men’s large)

REPORT: 1518 pairs of socks collected to date!

August – Boys and Girls Club

Theme: “Busting at the Seams with Grace”

Speaker: 8/13 @ 9:30am – Bill Drake – Executive Director of the Body and Girls Club of the Highland Lakes.

Goal: $1,000 (500 x 2) (Marble Falls and for the new Club in Kingsland)

Report: $1000 check given to Bill Drake for their work.

September – Phoenix Center

Theme: “Healing Grace”

Speaker: Sarah Garrett

Goal: no specific goal set (done in spring for summer camp date)

Report: 90 bags for campers at Camp Phoenix.  They call them stress relief bags.  They included journal, markers, bubbles, colored pencils, stress balls, water bottles, and pen. 

October – God’s Work, Our Hands

Theme: “Adding up hours of grace”

Speaker: none

Goal: 95 hours

Report: 160 hours (160 people x 1 hour).  Also, breakfast tacos for 20, 780 backpacks of food packed, sang at 2 local nursing homes, made 30 cards for assisted living folks, 17 fleece blankets were tied, 700+ letters stuffed for Christmas is for Kids, led worship at Arbor House, 47 health kits were packed, worked at the Helping Center Garden, and general cleanup around the church.