Middle School

    • Saturday, April 6th at 8:00 am come eat some breakfast tacos. We will then proceed into a church wide work day. This gives our youth an excellent understanding of “personal ownership.” Getting their hands dirty and doing some chores for the church is an excellent life lesson.
    • Sunday, April 7th – Youth Bible Study / Games / Coach Orton is out of town so we are looking for someone to host and lead. It will be from 5-7 pm. I am gone two Sundays in a row. (Sorry)
    • Sunday, May 19, right after church from 12-2 we will be helping with a service project for a local organization. Please mark your calendar. More details will follow.
    • Sunday, May 26th Swimming Party. More details will follow in the coming weeks.
    • CityWide / Sep. 20 – 22 / This year we will stay at the T Bar M Spicewood Ranch. This is a camp and it should be an amazing time.
    • Youth should be considering the “Service Board” to help parents raise money for Camp Rainbow Trail. Also, please consider going to neighbors, family, and friends to get “hired” to raise money for camp.
    • Rainbow Trail payments are due. Be sure to give your monthly payment.
    • Sunday school starts in the fellowship hall at 9:30 / Sunday school is a great way to learn about the Bible while developing a relationship with Christ.