Walk through the Bible

Being able to read, understand, and interpret the Bible is a key part of our Lutheran heritage and an essential aspect of discipleship. During the Sacrament of Holy Baptism parents and sponsors promise to place in their children’s hands the Holy Scriptures and provide for their instruction in the Christian faith. Rather than an answer book, we see the Bible as an essential tool in exploring faithful discipleship.

During the Walk through the Bible course the 3rd grade students learn alongside a family member. They tab and highlight a new Bible, play memory games, sing “The Books of the Bible Song” and mark their family members’ favorite passages. At the completion of the 5-week course we are delighted to present the students their already well-used Bible at our worship service. It is exciting to see these Bibles – even more worn – return with students for Sunday School, Confirmation, and SPLAT youth group.

For  more information, contact Pastor Vanicek.