Adult Education

Kingdom Seekers – 9:30 AM Sunday, Room 212

Kingdom Seekers is a group of young adults who meet for Sunday School, and also meet for occasional fellowship activities throughout the year. Instead of running errands or just hanging around the hallways while your kids are in Sunday School, join us for a cup of coffee as we learn about our faith. Many of our Kingdom Seekers are parents so we often reflect on faith from the perspective of raising faithful children.

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Adult Sunday School – 9:30 AM Sunday, Room 215

Our Adult Sunday School Class is geared mostly toward older adults but all are welcome to join us each Sunday morning for lively discussion as we delve into Bible study and growing our faith.

The Theme of “I Love to Tell the Story” began Sunday, August 28th

Many of us know and love to sing this song. But is it true? Do you love to tell the story of God’s love that we hear in the Bible? Do you love to tell the story of Jesus’ saving grace that we hear in the Bible? Many of us struggle with feeling confident enough with the Biblical story to share it with others as God calls us to do. This is why the Worship & Music Team, Ministry Staff, and Congregation Council have decided to continue the changes we made to our lectionary cycle away from the Revised Common Lectionary (RCL). This Fall we will continue with the Narrative Lectionary. We hope that you will fall in love with this story, connect it with your story of faith, and share it with someone who needs to hear the Good News. Here is a glimpse of how the story will unfold:

A Promising Beginning in God’s Promises: September 11th – October 9th

During this session we’ll hear stories from the Old Testament (with accompanying texts from the Gospels). These will share God’s dealings with Israel and highlight God’s major promises to them – the promise of creation to Adam and Eve, the promise of descendants to Abraham and Sarah, and the promise of Passover in Egypt.

God’s Sustaining Promises: October 16th – November 20th

During this session we’ll hear the stories of some of the prophets who called Israel into account and also relay God’s ongoing promise – the promise of a son for Hannah, the promise of an heir for David, the promise of care for a widow, and the promise of mercy for Nineveh. All of this culminates in the promise of a Messiah and a New Covenant with Israel and all nations.