Our St. Peter’s “Snip-It” quilting group gets together in the quilting rooms off the Fellowship Hall to prepare Mission Quilts for Lutheran World Relief (LWR). We plan, sew, cut, construct, assemble, stitch, tie, snip, hem — and finally pack these gifts of warmth and love. They are then shipped to one of two LWR storage center headquarters in the northeast where they await worldwide distribution as humanitarian need and disaster dictate.

Our scheduled workday is the third Tuesday of each month and any fifth Tuesdays that fall within the year. We work earnestly from 9:00am – 12:00pm with a brief break for tea and crumpets. Depending upon our workforce, we anticipate to tie 8-12 quilts each session. After this tying session is completed the last step to a finished quilt is the hemming. This is done at home by volunteers from the group on their own sewing machines.

We are always in need of supplies:  yardage, used blankets, mattress pads, sheets, etc.  Please leave any donations in the quilt room.

For more information or questions, please contact Judy Martin: 830 598-4249 or judyamartin@juno.com.