High School

National Youth Gathering First Payment was due October 1 – The next one is due November 1.  THANKS

Saturday, November 11th is a church workday. Most of the work will be on our SPLAT house. Breakfast tacos served at 7:30 am and work starts at 8:00 am. Please come help fix up our house, yard, etc. 

The service board is up in the Narthex. Please get Coach Orton a picture of yourself if you are wanting to provide a service to help pay for your camp. THANKS!

Monday Morning Ministries at Numinous Coffee at 7:00 am. Bring a friend!

Every Wednesday evening from 6:00 – 8:00 pm we will have Bible study, dinner, and games (sand volleyball, 9 square, gaga ball,etc). Please come join us and bring a friend!