High School

  • A kid recently said to me, “Coach, I am really getting a lot out of these Bible studies, thank you.” WOW! I should be thanking him.

  • Please come help us celebrate high school senior Grant Sandman on Sunday, February 25th, 2018 at 9:25 am in the fellowship hall.

  • Every Sunday evening we (middle school and high school) are meeting and will begin focusing more on service. Just as Jesus washed the feet of the disciples, we at St. Peters will be focusing more on serving others. Please encourage your child to attend on Sunday evenings so they can give back to our community. All of our kids are so blessed with amazing families and this just reinforces what the parents are already teaching at home. Middle school goes from 5 to 7 and high school goes from 6 to 8.

  • We are going to move the high school Numinous Bible study from Monday morning to Wednesday mornings. We will begin at 7:15 am. Wednesday is a late start at MFHS and hopefully this will encourage more participation.

  • Research has shown why youth need a ministry.   Youth Need:      1-  Models and Mentors, 2- Community, 3-  A Mission, 4-  Theology  5- A Safe Place to Confess and Confide. This article is short but a great read!

  • Please get Coach Orton a picture if you are interested in the service board. Several youth have already served and received nice cheks. THANKS!

  • The next NYG payment of $100 is due. Itinerary is here.  THANKS!!

  •  Senior Spotlight- Holly Atkinson, Keegan Deering, Kiley Magerkurth, Grant Sandman, Paige Wukasch, and Ben Kulbeth