Nothing is better than a gift that keeps on giving. The St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Endowment Fund was established for this purpose in 1993. The Endowment Fund is committed to encourage, manage and distribute bequest, gift and endowment resources. Each gift, regardless of amount, will continue to provide for the work of this church throughout our lifetime and for future generations.

The Endowment Fund provides a structure to support and extend the mission of this congregation. There are many ways you can make a truly effective gift to the Endowment Fund such as wills, life insurance, gift of monies, securities and real estate, and trusts.

Endowment Fund gifts may be undesignated or may be designated for areas such as youth and education, local ministries, mission congregations, or capital improvements.

Through a discernment process each year, the interest on the Endowment Fund is given away to support the work and ministry of those in our community and around the world. In 2014 the St. Peter’s Endowment Fund contributed a total of $7,500 to local charities, Lutheran colleges and seminaries, and youth for college scholarships.

For more information contact Treasurer and Endowment Committee Member, Lori Golden.